Lawyers create your internal ADR hub and GROW your business!

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large firm, there are always clients that do not fit into your traditional realm of clientele. Do you send them to another lawyer? Do you feel they may have a good case but your contingency quota is past capacity? Do you turn away a corporate client because you are too busy to handle a minor issue? Worse, do you discount your fee out of fear of losing a potential corporate client? 

Learn to grow and retain a steady client-base without throwing the baby out with the bathwater: Think Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Most A.D.R. opportunities walk through the front lobby disguised as potential legal clients looking for assistance and representation. Rather than turn disputants away, reach out and ask what their expectations are for resolution. Educate the potential client on more efficient ways of resolving that dispute through A.D.R.  Many times referring potential clients to a Dispute Resolution Center for minor disputes may bring them back to you later when major legal cases arise (i.e. personal injury, divorce, partnership dissolution).

There are several opportunities to grow your practice through A.D.R.  Call for a no-obligation consultation on how to incorporate A.D.R. into your practice or become a neutral provider.