About Your Coach

My name is Donna Knifsend, and I am an attorney licensed in multiple states, a professor of business law, a proactive conflict management mentor, and a professional problem-solver. I have mediated hundreds of high-conflict disputes with a 94% success rate during my career. I have used that expertise as the foundation to my collaborative business coaching programs and hybrid service. My background and experience have taught me that lawsuits, conflict and "perceived" problems are based on reactionary attitudes that often keep people locked into self-sabotaging habits and positions. Conflict and uncertainty takes on a life of its own leaving people feeling helpless, angry, frustrated and financially constrained.

As your Collaborative Business and Legal Coach, I do not represent you as an attorney in your legal or other disputes but will help to guide you through the unknown maze of legal and business issues, as well as internal conflict. I will help you understand the dynamics of the conflict, and together we will set a course for options and resolution. My coaching programs are about helping YOU move forward through conflict and problem-solving tasks (including divorce, employment issues or business concerns) so that you can remain productive and successful. Having a coach/mentor that has been in the trenches and understands the business and legal systems is a necessity, not a luxury. I provide balance in times of stress and uncertainty so that you make sound decisions and reach successful results by focusing on the possibilities rather than the turmoil of conflict. Simply stated, I will help turn your chaos into calm, approachable opportunities in your business and overall life. I will serve as an agent of reality to help maintain the accountability and responsibility in your personal and professional life so that you can focus on goals, workable results and success. I would love to work with you.


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