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Tired of feeling like every discussion turns into a fight? Do you spend more time arguing with customers, vendors, employees and superiors than getting results? Looking to go to work without suffering through workplace drama?  I can help!

Do you feel that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward to the level of peace and success that you deserve? It isn't your fault; internal defense mechanisms keep us defaulting to our comfort level. I can help!



Most conflicts arise from reactionary, pre-programmed thoughts, beliefs and habits. Left unresolved, conflict creates insecurity, miscommunication and negative attitudes.  The  most frightening area of conflict deals with change. This "change" can involve promotions, illiteracy, change of ownership, inability to problem-solve, workplace harassment, life changes, sudden lack of balance, feeling over-whelmed, divorce, personality conflicts, fear of the unknown, etc.  Unresolved conflict creates frustration, anxiety, a feeling of hopelessness, low productivity and lawsuits.  Let me become your Hybrid Business and Legal coach, and together we will grow your business and improve your life. Call for your no-obligation consultation to discuss how I can help.




3-Month Jumpstart Coaching Package

Fear of Change (including fear of success and fear of failure) is a habit pattern that generally holds us back. I have suffered from both fear of success and fear of failure. I understand how frustrating and challenging this fear can be. We are not programmed to take risks or complete tasks outside of our programmed mind-set and comfort level. Fear of change is simply a fear of the unknown. Whether the change involves marriage, divorce, parenting, new positions, opening a business, audits or merely walking into a new environment, there are habits that hold us back. Our mind goes on a journey of its own with the "WHAT IF" reactions that keep us frozen and unsure of ourselves. My life coaching tips, techniques and strategies will help you turn reactionary habits into proactive results. The big advantage of allowing me to become your support partner and coach is that I have experienced and traversed the WHAT IF scenario to show you that options and solutions exist to help you finally reach the results that you desire.  




6-Month Growth Mastermind Coaching Package

As your Collaborative Coach I not only help you focus on moving forward when conflict arises, but I also help you solve communication problems. I have been corporate counsel, a neutral fact-finder for EEO complaints, and have mediated most every type of workplace dispute that tends to shut-down production. I developed a unique methodology called the 3 - 10 Principle of Conflict Management while teaching mediation and negotiation to students. In short, I empower you to understand how and why conflict comes about in your organization so that habitual "negative" attitudes do not interfere with productivity, projects and goals. This is not some typical "canned" program! I have designed and utilized a blueprint based on sound business and risk management protocols. Conflict can be productive and beneficial when used proactively; however, before you can change a reactionary attitude or difficult personalities, you must communicate effectively so that others can hear what you are saying. This is where our strategic 3 - 10 Principle of Conflict Management comes into play. This unique formula is simple: 3 basic words to stop any dispute followed by 10 words to move the disputants into a collaborative mode of communication. 

This unique formula is key to controlling and changing the dynamics of the conflict. You may be thinking, "Why do I need your collaborative coaching and services once I have learned the unique 3/10 words?" Keep in mind that words alone do not stop disputes or open communication when you are in the heat of the dispute. Words are only part of the formula; the remaining key ingredient is for you to learn how to implement the natural magic within yourself to respond rather than react to conflict. Once you control your own reactionary conduct, you control the dynamics of the conflict. My collaborative coaching and mentoring services teach you unique tips, techniques and sound principles so that you can marshal negative words and reactionary attitudes with your invisible magic wand.



12-Month Mastermind Coaching Package

I have the legal, business, insurance and governmental background and experience to help clients deal with the various problems and entities that are involved in litigation. More importantly, I have the background and experience to help you prevent and/or manage disputes and litigation. Clients become frustrated, angry and stressed when litigation or potential litigation arises, especially if a close employer/employee bond or other relationship has been breached.

It is often difficult to "manage" disputes and litigation when you may not fully understand the legal process and options available to you. Often spouses, bosses, lawyers, insurance adjusters and even friends are telling you what you should do in such situations.  I often hear, "It isn't the money, it is the principle." Believe me, principles can be very costly when you are not focused on the result that you want or need. The average employment claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can cost an employer $35,000 to $125,000 just to settle. While that figure includes defense costs, what about lost productivity, low morale (especially when perceived as a win for the former employee), and damage to the business reputation.  If the claim doesn’t settle, consider that trial judgments can be upwards of $500,000 not including defense costs.

This Program involves a hybrid coaching/mentoring component to assess and implement sound policies, procedures and systems to prevent or mitigate conflict including lawsuits.

Should a lawsuit or discrimination charge arise, I mentor clients on how to communicate with the legal team for a clear understanding of what the suit is about, the risk(s) involved and the projected cost of defense. In short, lawsuits take on a life of their own once filed, but with my mentoring you will be equipped and empowered to understand the issues, risks, rewards, options and procedures to make educated decisions. 



Program 4 - Mastermind Productivity Circle.

This Program is by invitation only and will require intense commitment on your part. This opportunity is an investment in YOU. The Mastermind program will be limited to a group of 10 exclusive, success-driven, business-minded participants looking to take their business and life skills to the next level.  To be considered for this Program, an application form and further details will be available on this page from September 1, 2018 through September 15, 2018. 




Complimentary Session

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